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Today there are more than 30 kinds of dental implants available. With some dental implants, there is a one and two stage system. These systems involve the placement of a implant directly into the jawbone below the gum tissue. Dental implants are also used for dental restorations. Another common restoration is over dentures.

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Find out what your Stockton dental implant needs are by scheduling a denture consultation. This is the time where you can discuss your denture and implant needs and discover which is the best solution.


Over Dentures

Where there is considerable bone loss, the use of conventional dentures could cause more bone loss. The use of over dentures can could prevent additional bone loss when used correctly. Dental implants, or micro implants are placed onto the jaw bone. Once the implants have healed, the over denture is then placed ontop of the implants securing the denture in place. Overtime, conventional dentures may slide around in the mouth from gum tissue loss. Over dentures are fixed in one place from which the implants keep the denture from movement in the mouth.

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Implants in General

The bone first must heal around the implant before the next stage is completed.

Once the bone has healed, the second statge involves the placement of a healing abutment ontop of the implant, where once again the gum tissue instead of the bone must heal around the abutment.

Including with the more than 30 traditional dental implants, there are mini dental implants and micro mini dental implants. These implants are smaller in diameter, and is useful for a temporary solution.

Stockton Dentures

Cosmetically speaking when folks first buy dentures, the denture itself will look new and like all other kinds of dentures. But, if they were low cost dentures to start, cosmetic changes may appear a few months after the initial purchase.

In many cases cheap Stockton dentures that are conventional dentures are usually made with softer materials that can retain food stains easier. When this happens, folks will usually use concentrated cleaning solutions to rid their dentures from stains.

Overtime, the continued use of concentrated cleaning solutions for denture stains will result in a faded and brittle denture. Once dentures become brittle, they will break unexpectedly when eating regular food, as they will be easy to break because the dentures plastic has dried out from the concentrated cleaning solutions.

Stockton Dentures

Conventional Dentures

Todays conventional dentures can be made with all sorts of materials where the materials cost for dentures may cost alot. When choosing Stockton low cost dentures, it may be a good idea to first find out how long the dentures you choose are made to last. With some dentures, the materials could be so inexpensive which may result in a denture that is made to last one to two years.

Good materials besides care is an essential component to have long lasting dentures. Dentures can be made with all sorts of materials where the least cost dentures material may be the weakest. Dentures that are made from weak materials may show signs of wear after a few months of wear.

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Stockton Dentures Teeth

We all can agree cost is another factor, but just by understanding that many affordable Stockton dentures might be made with soft teeth that will wear down quickly may also help your decision. For the most part, the most important feature for many Stockton dental implants are the teeth.

With them worn down and smooth it will be almost impossible to chew food. Speech also may change if the teeth are worn down enough where the pronounciation of certain letters may be difficult. If you are not sure about the different qualities in cheap Stockton dentures, please consult with a dentures dentist to get advice.

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